Portable Foldable Smartphone Selfie Stabilizer for All Phones

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1. Bulit-in Telescopic Grip
2.Convenient Transition between landscape mode to portrait
3.Gestures Control
4. New Object Tracking
5. Smart Filmmaking mode
6. New App Support- ZY Cami
1.Please Follow the User Guide to do Installation and Balance Adjustment, or it would casue product damaged
2.Smooth X is not compatible with ZY Play Appp, please use ZY Cami App
3. Registration by ZY Cami App is required for first use, or be gimbal would not be activated.
Installation Step( IMPORTANT):
1.Rotate the handle 180° counterclockwise.T
2.unfold the vertical arm, pull out and tilt the pan axis in certain degrees.R
3.otate the vertical arm 180° counterclockwise. It can be only rotated in one direction.
4.Return the pan axis to the initial position and retrieve the extendable stick.